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What is a Rekey?

Rekeying a locking mechanism is the method that involves altering the tumblers inside lock to ensure old keys will not operate in the locking mechanism after finishing the rekey operation. Locksmiths will have the ability to rekey a small amount of locks or each of them to utilize the same key, granted that the locks are all the same. Knowing exactly who can access your home as well as your office is essential to satisfaction and safety, and the rekey procedure can help achieve that.

The particular rekeying process is certainly one which includes advantages, and it is rather low-cost considering the alternatives such as lock replacement. Whether or not your main concern is with regard to safety or perhaps efficiency, rekeying any lock on every single doorknob is a bit more economical than replacing doorknobs about every entranceway in your home as well as your business. Ensuring that you have confidence in your locksmith delivering rekey services is vital, and we have confirmed that the company is honest by offering excellent service for countless years. Giving access to your residence or perhaps your office is obviously somewhat of a risk, so although you may decide on another company to execute your service of choice, make sure that they can be trustworthy with your possessions and family.

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If you buy a residence, you are accountable for the articles and security, so you would be wise to rekey your locks in particular situations. If you misplaced your keys, your safety could possibly be jeopardized if your house key falls into the incorrect hands. In such a circumstance you might want to decide to either make a new key or perhaps have your locks rekeyed, this will depend on the situation. In addition, any time families purchase a new house, there is no way to see if the prior owners retained a key for themselves. Typically the buyer of a house may have little idea who used to occupy the home, and many keys could be throughout circulation. The security of one’s belongings and your loved ones could be more complete with a lock rekey procedure.

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For business people, occasionally rekeying locks is essential. Many commercial establishments utilize multiple keys for different parts of the building along with equipment, as well as the large amount of keys can become confusing and overpowering to both the company operators and personnel. By rekeying your door locks to limit the volume of keys necessary, you are setting up a much smoother business setting for yourself as well as your employees. In addition, rekeying locks is completely important to protect your small business, when purchasing a fresh business. Around years of distinct companies relocating and out, hundreds of folks could have keys that open the entrance doors to your company! You wouldn’t want the prior owner and his or her staff to be able to enter your company without you knowing.

Our technicians can rekey a lot of different lock types:

  • Deadbolts
  • Disc Tumbler Locks
  • Window Locks
  • Car Door Locks
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Pool Gate Locks
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Chest Locks
  • Rim Locks
  • Drawer Locks
  • Desk Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks

The rekeying service is one that if conducted correctly and reduce many protection issues, and will be achieved speedily for a small amount of money. At times a rekey just isn’t an option for some locks, normally when they are outdated or have lots of deterioration over the years. One of our locksmiths can spot a lock that you should replaced, and they will tell you so.

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