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The first line of defense at your home is a properly locked door. When you are planning for home security, it is always good to consider replacing door locks. Replacing door locks is a small cost but can cost you big things. There are really times when you should change your locks.

Reasons to Change Your Locks in Burbank, CA

Moving homes

New House1The first reason why you should change your lock is probably after changing residence. After you receive the keys to that home at closing, it is good to immediately replace the lock. You do not know how many spare keys of the locks are out there. For this situation it is much safer to change your lock.

Wear and tear

Some locks have a habit of getting rust while other may get worn out. These kinds of locks are a serious weakness towards home security. Old and worn out locks may be easy to break into. These locks are also difficult to legitimately open them with a key as they get older. When your lock starts showing signs of rust and any other wear signs, know that it is time you replace your lock. This will save you from any malfunction or break in.

Lost or stolen key

For better security, you should replace your locks in case you lose your key. However, you may consider a re-key to your lock. The most serious locks are the outdoor locks which should be given much attention.

Home burglary

home burglary2Another great reason to change your locks is if you experience home burglary. At this point, you should be really worried about another potential break-in to the same lock. With all that said, calling a locksmith immediately after a burglary should be the first thing to do.


Get Your Locks Changed in Burbank, California!


DivorceThis may sound unrealistic but it is another reason why you should replace door locks. After breakups, it is fine to replace your lock since your ex-partner may choose to enter your home during your absence and reposes some property.

Other situations

There are also many other reasons which compel you to get a lock replacement. For examples if you stay with roommates and your old roommates have leave. Now that you may have new roommates, it is time you change your lock.

Another case is when you regularly eave your key to your repairmen or contractors for home upgrades and renovations. You may not know if these professions are making copies of your keys during their breaks. This may also need you to change your lock after some time.

Another reason for you to replace your lock is after a long time of using the same lock. It is god for you to change that lock in order to get your home the safest and latest technological security. Doing this after a set period of time will keep your home properly secured.


Generally, it is evident that their is no timeline of when you should change your locks. Therefore, it is for you to make it a routine to change your locks during such instances or when you just feel like changing. Your locks may also need regular maintenance in order to keep your home safer.

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