Sep 02 2015

Why You Need To Change Locks Every Time You Move

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Why You Need To Change Locks Every Time You Move

Call Now! (818) 208-1131 Moving into a new space requires a lot of planning and is both hectic and exciting. Lot of effort goes into decorating the new home and coordinating the move. However, in the midst of all that people often ignore to ask a very basic question. Which is ? Do I need to change my locks when I move?’ It’s easy to undermine the importance of changing the locks. Most families don’t even think about it and continue to use the keys handed over to them by their Realtor or landlord. Think about it, your home’s locks are the only physical barrier between your loved ones and the outside world. Do you really want to trust someone else when it comes to your home’s security? Well, you should not. Mainly because an average key passes many hands and can even have copies without you knowing about it. On top of that you should always consider upgrading your existing lock as old ones often get rusted making it easier for thieves and burglars. To understand the importance of changing locks, let’s take a look at the 3 common scenarios of moving into new place. MOVING INTO A RENTED PLACE: Replacing the old locks with new ones is absolutely necessary when you move into a rented space. Primarily because the previous tenants might still have copies of the keys which greatly compromises the security of the house. Changing the locks at a rented place is slightly trickier. This is mainly because you have to notify your landlord and ask for his or her permission. There are no laws that force landlords to change the locks. Therefore, it’s important you bring it up before you sign the paperwork. However, in most cases the owner of the house takes the responsibility of changing the lock before you move in. To be on the safer side, you can also insist the owner to change lock after the moving in process. This way you can make sure the keys to place does not unnecessarily move hands. Changing the lock without speaking to the owner is not at all advisable. You easily run into legal trouble if the clause of changing the locks is not specifically mentioned in the rent agreement. Unless it’s specified in the agreement, the cost of changing the lock may have to be borne by you. Following are few basic steps you need to follow to ensure the rented space you move into gets a new lock. Bring It Up Before Signing Anything: To ensure the entire process goes smoothly make sure you strike up a conversation about changing the lock when you go to see the house for the first time. If the owner insists on keeping the old, it’s best to find another house without wasting any more time. Decide Who Is Going To Pay For The Lock Change: If the owners agree to change the locks then talk about who is going to pay for the expenses. It can be a 50-50 split, it can be entirely be borne by the owner, or you might have to pay for the whole thing. No matter what, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, provided you like the house. Make Sure The Rent Agreement Specifies A Lock Change: To be brutally honest, there are no shortages of people who agree on certain things and then back out in the last minute. If your landlord is someone like that then it can land you in a sticky situation after you sign the agreement. To be completely safe make sure the agreement includes a clause about changing the locks. Sources Used: Be Present When The Lock Gets Changed: Being present when the locksmith changes the lock ensures that you and only you have the keys to your new home. Make sure the lock and its keys come out of a sealed packaging. Quick Tip: You Can also rekey your locks as well if you want to save on costs. BUYING AND MOVING INTO A PRE-OWNED HOME: When you are buying a new home which was previously occupied the importance for changing the lock multiplies. This is because there are no possible ways to track down all the people who once had the keys to the house. People often give keys to a trusted friend or a neighbor to make sure the house is accessible during emergencies. Copies of keys may also be with ex-wives and children studying in other states or living independently. What this means is there are no real options but to change the locks of all entry points. Before you move in with all you stuff set a separate budget allocated for changing the locks. Following are 3 simple steps that will fortify the security of your newly bought home. Inspect The Entire House: In most cases the front door is not the only entry point to your home. According to statistics, burglars often prefer the back entrance to gain entry to a premise. This means you need to scan the entire house and prepare a list of locks you need to change. Do Your Research: Once you have the list, the next thing you need to do is research on the types of lock that can be installed. You can always choose to install the same model. However, when you are anyways changing all the locks, it makes sense to look for upgraded models that are more secure. Call A Registered Lock Smith: The responsibility of securing your home should not be given to an unprofessional firm. This is because the integrity of the lock depends a lot on how well it has been fitted to the door. Make sure to pick a trusted company that has a considerable amount of industry experience. Buying And Moving Into A Brand New House: You may be tempted to believe that there is no reason to change the locks of the house if it’s freshly constructed. Well, it may not have been in the hands of previous owners but there are still no guarantees that the keys were never handed to an unscrupulous person. The keys might have been given to electricians, plumbers, carpenters at the final stages of the construction process. Even though the risks are lesser compared to rented and pre-owned houses, you should still make it a point to change all the locks when you move in. Follow the exact same steps laid down in the previous section. Call For Locksmith Services (818) 208-1131

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